I help organizations, teams and leaders transform to achieve the incredible through human-centered design.


About Me

Guided by my own curiosity and passion for learning, I am a design thinking business strategist who partners with brave leaders seeking to transform themselves and their organizations to discover uncommon solutions and opportunities to their most complex and disruptive challenges.  These are challenges that seek to transform systems and behaviors, impact society and build the incredible. 

I do this by taking a human-focused and vision driven approach to creating strategies, frameworks and roadmaps for  transformation.

My Difference

I am a digital transformation leader who is brave in the face of complexity and uncertainty.  Leveraging my background in user experience and service design thinking, I bring a new perspective to digital, product and strategy consulting that begins and ends with people. 

I am: 

Human-focused vs Business-focused
Strategy & Design driven vs Engineering driven
Vision driven vs Operations driven
Customer-focused vs Financially-focused
Fact informed vs Fact-based
Narrative oriented vs Functional oriented

My Capabilities

I partner with people and organizaitons in 5 primary ways:

1. User Research

I help businesses understand who their audiences are, so that we can make human-informed decisions rooted in empathy-based factual information.

2. User Experience & Service Experience Design

I work with organizations to help them architect and design delightful products that meet both business and user needs.

3. Business Transformation

I architect and coach business through design-thinking transformations, teaching teams how to create, plan and execute human-focused strategies.

4. Strategy Development and Execution

I work with executive teams to understand challenges, facilitate alignment and craft solutions to their most complex and disruptive challenges.  

5. Leadership Advisory

I work with leaders and leadership teams to help them understand “teaming" as a management skill, and work with them to become great human-focused leaders and thinkers.


My Approach

Creating the incredible requires discipline.  I follow a disciplined, human-centered design thinking approach to problem solving that balances divergent and convergent thinking to ensure a thorough understanding of the problem space and creativity in defining the solution. Ideas and concepts are explored and communicated through narratives, ensuring that the experience and ideas are understood both contextually and holistically. This creates alignment around not just the “best” solution, but the right solution - prioritizing human needs over technical desires.